Preschool institution “Malyatko” continues the recruitment of 2-year-old children in the mini-group for the purpose of general and intellectual development by author’s innovative programs approved by the Institute of Pedagogics of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine.
Classes are carried out by qualified teachers who have been trained to work with children using interactive technologies.

Involvement in ministerial projects

We are proud that the head of the preschool educational institution “Malyatko” – candidate of pedagogical sciences Prokopenko Valentina Ivanivna – is co-author of the last state program for preschoolers – “Child”, issued by the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine.

The academic activity of the director of an educational institution confirms the chosen concept of development of preschool education and the positive image of the institution “Malyatko”.

Hooray! New victory!

According to the definition of the national rating program and the international rating association (www.nbr.com.ua) from 14.02.2013, vysh.7-NBR-17213 pre-school institution “Malyatko” is included in the category “Gold rating” and takes

2 nd place in Kiev (ECE 80.10.1 “Preschool education”

5th place in Ukraine (ECE 80.10.1 “Preschool education”)

This indicator is one of the best in the history of official rating in the category. The educational institution was awarded with the medal “Leader of the branch” and “For labor merits”, as well as the national certificate was awarded.

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