Preparation of preschool children for educational and cognitive activity

School for preschoolers “Malyatko” prepares children for educational and cognitive activities in schools of a new type: lyceums, gymnasiums, private and author schools.

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Private school-kindergarten “Malyatko” – We are trusted most valuable

Congratulations on the site of the specialized school for preschoolers “Malyatko”.

Our institution is an innovative preschool educational institution whose task is to provide intellectual and psychological training of children to study in schools of a new type.

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Hooray! New victory!

According to the definition of the national rating program and the international rating association ( from 14.02.2013, vysh.7-NBR-17213 pre-school institution “Malyatko” is included in the category “Gold rating” and takes

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Come on, you are crocheted at the all-new work of children

In the schools for doshkilnyat “Malyatko” with a long rock, riznomanitny come in, crocheted on the all-rosewood of children:

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Preschool education in Kiev

Being a link of ontogenetic personality development, preparation for educational and cognitive activity in school should be based on the level of child’s previous development and take into account the requirements of the next degree of education.

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We prepare five-year-old children for schooling

This problem has often been considered in terms of the continuity of pedagogical influence of preschool institutions and schools, provided that they begin their education for seven years and cover the period before the reform of education in Ukraine.

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