Psychologist’s recommendations

The main tasks of adults in the development of children's personality

1. Teach the child the main life skills:
– Ability to communicate;
– Ability to think;
– Ability to learn;
– Ability to work;
– Ability to love and show your love.

All this is more important than the ability to read quickly, write beautifully and know mathematical formulas.
– No algorithms and calligraphically drawn letters will not help to agree among themselves to two young couples, and the ability to communicate will help;
– When we teach the child to communicate, we really help her to avoid being alone. As they say, loneliness is the result of inability to communicate;
– If the child is able to think, then she will ask herself a question and look for answers to them, and she will understand more in life;
– A child who knows how to learn (and she does not lose the desire to learn the world) will strive to acquire knowledge throughout her life. But adults must teach the child to choose from a large flow of information useful knowledge, and from knowledge not necessary and harmful to stand aside;
– If a child is taught to work, she will not only be able to perform daily work and not be afraid of any difficulties, but she will be able to achieve mastery in any form of creativity.

To acquaint the child with the concept of material values. It is very important to do this in childhood, when the mind and heart are open and not drowned by unnecessary knowledge and unkind feelings.

– A child who really loves, and he himself will learn to love for real, then no matter how life is formed, she will be enriched with love. And then any business, what it will be engaged, can turn into a real art. Every day it is necessary to study with the child (drawing, music and sports), it is necessary to train it not only because it is necessary to know, to be able to work, but also on the opposite:
– Watch it so that you can see the beauty
– Listen to hear harmony in music and nature;
– Feel the state of another and not wound him in your own words;
– To speak so that they will hear you;
– To be youreself;
– do not cause other harm by their feelings or their love;
– Work creatively;
– To create inspiration.

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