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Private school-kindergarten "Malyatko"

We welcome you to the site of the specialized school for preschool children “Malyatko”. Our institution is an innovative preschool educational institution, the task of which is the intellectual and psychological preparation of children to study in schools of a new type.

School for preschool children “Malyatko” works under author’s programs approved by the Institute of Pedagogics of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Pechersk district of the city of Kiev.

The task of the private kindergarten "Malyatko":

1. - Preschool education of children

Інтелектуальний розвиток дітей за авторськими програмами підвищеного рівня, затвердженими Інститутом педагогіки Академії педагогічних наук України.

2. Psychological adaptation of children to school:

– Формування мотивації до навчання;
– Адаптація до шкільного життя;
– Розвиток комунікативних властивостей, формування навичок вміння працювати в колективі;
– Розвиток уваги, пам’яті, посидючості та інше

3. Development of the creative personality of the child:

– Використання різнорівневих програм;
– Застосування індивідуального підходу до кожної дитини.

The kindergarten enrolls children of preschool age (from 2 years).

Record a child in the kindergarten

    – Native language;

    – Development of speech;

    – Mathematical block:
    a) development of logical thinking, arithmetic actions, design, modeling;
    b) familiarity with the elements of algebra, geometry
    c) work at the computer

    – English:
    a) development of dialogical and monologic speech;
    b) reading;
    c) letter;

    – Children’s world literature, mythology;

    – Fine art with elements of art history;

    – Music;

    – Choreography;

    – Children’s Theater

    – Psychological trainings.

    Open integrated lesson

    Our victories!

    According to the definition of the national rating program and the international rating union (www.nbr.com.ua) from 7/14/2013 year vih. 7-NBR-17213 preschool institution “Malyutka” is included in the category “Gold rating” and occupies

    The second place in Kiev (KVED 80.10.1 “Preschool education”

    The fifth place in Ukraine (KVED 80.10.1 “Preschool education”)

    This indicator is one of the best in the history of official ratings in the category. The educational institution was awarded with medals “Leader of branch” and “For labor merits”, and also the national certificate was handed over.

    Involvement in ministerial projects

    We are proud that Valentina Ivanovna Prokopenko, the head of preschool educational institution “Malyatko”, is the co-author of the last state program for preschool children – “Child”, issued by the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine.

    The scientific activity of the director of an educational institution confirms the chosen concept of the development of preschool education and the positive image of the institution “Malyatko”

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