It is useful to know

It is useful to know

As evidenced by Japanese psychologists, after three years of the child to teach and educate is already too late. Therefore, experienced teachers of the school “Malyatko” are advised to begin the learning process from two years.

It is necessary to carry out the intellectual development of the child through the replenishment and activation of the vocabulary, the development of coherent speech, children’s associations, fantasy, through acquaintance with the elements of writing and reading, to form the skills of counting objects and simple logical operations: comparison, comparison of objects in shape, color, in space, in quantity, in the definition of general and negative parts. It is necessary to teach the child the ability to analyze, differentiate, make a classification of objects, teach differentiate species concepts.

The second important aspect of preparation for school is the psychological adaptation of the child in the team, the formation of motivation for learning, emotional and volitional spheres, the ability to work in a team, the stability of attention, perseverance. We must pay great attention to the development of communicative properties, the ability to listen to the teacher, the teammate, to form a desire to be active, to show initiative, to develop leadership qualities and, at the same time, respect for others


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