School for preschoolers “Malyatko” prepares children for educational and cognitive activities in schools of a new type: lyceums, gymnasiums, private and author schools.

The main directions of this work are:
– Physical readiness (full vision, well-developed auditory perception, fine motor skills, coordination of movements);
– personal development (adequate self-assessment, objective assessment of actions and actions of other people, observance of rules of conduct, independence, etc.); readiness in the sphere of communication (ability to build relationships with peers and adults, independently organize joint activities, rightly resolve conflict situations, favorably treat others);
-emotional-strong-willed readiness (adequacy of emotional manifestations and feelings, ability to exert strong-willed efforts, restrain impulsiveness, balance of processes of excitation and inhibition)
– intellectual readiness (developed visual-figurative and logical thinking, speech, voluntary attention, imagination, the presence of cognitive activity, certain knowledge and ideas about the environment, the ability to read, count, etc.);
– motivational readiness (the desire to attend school).

The main factor in the work of teachers with preschoolers is a personality-oriented approach, which involves:
– Development on a diagnostic basis of individual development programs for each child, prompt adjustment of this process, cooperation with parents, pedagogical organization of the environment;
– Resistance in the educational process to the subjective experience of the child (individual development, related to the sociocultural environment, family traditions, material support, etc.), its
individual abilities and opportunities;
– active use in the teaching and educational process of creative activities;
– the dialogical form of the pedagogical process;
– the use of such forms of organization of training, organically correspond to the age characteristics of children;
pedagogical attitude to pre-school preparation not as a process of accumulating knowledge, but as a means of spiritual enrichment of the individual, its attitude as a citizen of his country;
– a differentiated approach to the content of teaching and educational work and its methodological support;
– unconditional pedagogical support in the educational process of cognition and in the development of the uniqueness of the personality of each child without exception.

Therefore, an important principle of the school’s work is an orientation toward the individual
child. According to this principle, the main value is the child himself, her various needs and their satisfaction. The essence of purposeful preparation of the child for educational and cognitive activity lies in the fact that the child’s rights to childhood are preserved, a spiritual and material center is created for her educational activity, cognitive needs are met, and comprehensive development is carried out on this basis.

It is important to organize the process of schooling based on the game, which ensures the development of cognitive independence, activity, effective mastering of knowledge, the formation of skills and abilities, the ability to use them in future schooling.
Organizing the children’s play activity, the teachers of the Malyatko school take into account the following:
– task-steps provide advance of development of abilities;
– the development of the child is successful, when each time it independently reaches the optimum level of its capabilities;
– The game is more diverse in content;
– Games are conducted in an atmosphere of co-creation and commonwealth;
– playing with children, (teachers, educators) provide space for the child’s independent work;
– the content of each game is determined by the content of the educational material provided for the training session;
– Each game includes tasks of varying complexity that students solve with the help of a variety of developing and didactic materials;
– the task of the game is arranged in order of increasing complexity;
– the task of the game allows the possibility of their implementation at the next training session, at home;
– the task of the game provides an opportunity for practical verification of the results obtained;
– it is possible for each child to rise to the optimum level of his development.

Thus, using the above described methodology, the pedagogical staff of the school for preschoolers “Malyatko” carries out a triad of conceptual tasks: the intellectual development of preschool children in order to prepare for schooling, the psychological adaptation of children to
school life and creating a situation of success, uses the potential of the child to develop a creative personality.

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